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Well, well you guys wanted to see some more foot and leg fetish videos. I can't say I'm too surprised because I'm foot and leg guy myself and I'm kind of glad you guys have been making the requests. Today, I've got videos to share from Creamed Feet, Cummy Pantyhose and two bonus clips. Click on the picture above to see the sample videos.

From Creamed Feet, we have a clip of a busty ebony babe using just her feet to get her lover off. She's an expert at giving foot jobs and once her feet are oiled up it doesn't take long for him to cum. You've gotta see the huge loads of cum that squirt out of his dick and on to her feet. Then from Cummy Pantyhose, we have a blonde slut, Erin who has her white pantyhose torn apart at the crotch and her pussy penetrated by a thick cock.

And these are just a couple of videos you can see with the All Inclusive Pass. The All Inclusive Pass is your key to hours of full-length hardcore and fetish movies. If you bought memberships to all the sites included in the All Inclusive Pass it would cost hundreds of dollars. However, the All Inclusive Pass is the price of just one membership.


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